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Trade terms

My trade conditions are the following. Please read them carefully before sending a trade proposition. I reserve myself the right to refuse any proposal which does not respect these conditions. Thanks.

International trades

I live in Canada, so I ask a minimum of 15 images I don't have for all international trades.

Stamps and Paypal

I don't accept stamps to complete a trade. I accept Paypal.

Packs of stickers

Like everybody, I like to finish my albums, and it's very hard if I only receive packs of stickers for stickers that help others finishing their albums. So, I do accept packs of stickers, but only if you have some stickers for me and the packs I'm looking for (see Albums and doubles section).

Special stickers

I'm trying to have a variety of stickers, including special ones, so it can help me finish my albums. Please be reasonable in your trade offers that include special stickers.

I accept to trade a maximum of 2 special stickers for no special sticker for me, only if the are from a finished album.


Some collections have their own exceptions for trade because stickers are harder to find or because it is a foreign album.

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